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In the summer of 1998, Jack had a personal meeting with the Risen Glorified Lord Jesus Christ at a place called Camp Hebron. This type of Damascus Road visitation would prove to be one of the most sustaining moments in his life and ministry. After his personal meeting with the Maker and Sustainer of the universe, Jack was sifted to the very brink of the grave, but then on April 27, 2013 the Lord Jesus Christ raised him back up again.

In  2017, Jack graduated from Global School of Supernatural Ministry! Global school is a practical ministry training facility located at the Apostolic Resource Center of Global Awakening. At Global School Jack received training that prepared him to live out a supernatural lifestyle to impact the world with Kingdom transformation.

Jack is a licensed Pastor and is working towards his ordination with the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening. This network is a missional network of churches and ministries uniting to advance the Kingdom of God that aims to be a connection point for the senior pastors of churches and the senior leaders of itinerant ministries.

Jack’s real passion is the transformation of the City of Harrisburg and he partners with West Shore Free Church and there Alpha Program. West Shore Free Church is the hub for Alpha in South Central Pennsylvania. Jack’s driving desire is to evangelize and bring discipleship to communities using the Alpha program, and to bring an awareness of Alpha to local churches and local ministries. Jack is working with state and local prison officials with the Alpha program.
Alpha USA was birthed in the 1990’s as a response to the way leaders saw the Holy Spirit using Alpha, which began in England and has been used in over 160 countries, as a tool for American churches. Alpha USA exists to serve and support churches in making disciples of Jesus Christ who then play their part in the re-evangelization of the nations and the transformation of society.
Jack also serves as a part of Healing Tree International five- fold ministry and sits on their Evangelistic Leadership team.
Healing Tree International is committed to restoring the destiny of people and nations through the power of prayer, medical care, and a network of leaders in business and government.
They honor and respect the cultures of the world and desire to bring a sense of peace to all.
Jack also participates with Christian Churched United.
CCU’s oldest ministry, the Prison Action Committee (PAC), serves as a voice for those incarcerated and coordinates both staff and volunteer pastoral care for inmates at area prisons.

Jack is one of the many preachers who share the power of the Gospel and how Jesus transformed his life at CCU’s Work Release Worship Service held every Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm. About 25-30 men and women, and often their families as well, come together for an ecumenical worship service and to hear the Word of the Lord.

Jack co-facilitates the healing ministry titled “Miracle Monday” at the ministry organizationGlobal Awakening in Mechanicsburg, Pa. and is held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month starting @ 5:30-7pm. All are welcome!

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These three “out of this world encounters” are now available on CDs or through Digital media.


Encountering the Risen Christ


Undergoing The Great White Judgment Throne


Witnessing The Lake of Fire


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